From the 6. of August (Vernissage 17.00 until 21.00) at Körperwerk in Küblis, Switzerland

This Exhibition is showing bigger paintings, charcoal drawings and also little sketches with different themes. Also some of my Sculptures are exhibited!

You can come to see it when you pass by Küblis!


Here you have all the dates and information about my newest Workshops! The Idea is to create new working spaces. Whether you want to learn how to start to draw and paint, up to specific techniques, information about material and inspiration processes. These Courses are here to inspire you and help you become a better artist and simple, to have a good time!


While checking my finished work, you can choose whatever you like, and order the original or a print of this painting. The prints are specific for you. So you can order them on canvas, in whatever size you wish or as a gift card. And it will be send to you!


It is not easy to get the idea of a colored walls into the mind of people, so I hope in the future it will be more and more possible to have lively walls everywhere, to make them a catch for the eye, and a happiness maker for every soul. As I work a lot with children, my vision is, to paint together as a team and bring some simple color on to the grey walls.

Work on order

So, if you like to have a portrait of you, may this be naked or not, you want a CD- Cover for your self-made album, or you want to create a festival and like to have some artists involved, here I am! Ask me, and I am sure the creativity flow will be unstoppable!