Human Figurative

The Movement of Humans is a reflection of nature. Shapes and lines all can be found in nature. Also there is some kind of magic that only good eyes can find in its opposite, and then those eyes start to enjoy.


By using color in the way you feel, opens up a new world for others, while they look at it, they remember something inside of themselves.

Acrylic, Earthcolor, and Plantcolor

Exploring color with different Material: The strong and intense acrylic, the more settle earth color, and the very soft and smooth plant color, eventually you find qualities and moods more precise and with a rather different touch.


Sometimes you see an animal and you feel very connected to it, because maybe it has a message for you, or you feel disgusted about it. The appreciation here goes to all those species who suffered too much because of misunderstanding theire message, time to look at them in a new way.


The most fun for me is to sketch around, kind of playing around, taking the process as something simple and fast, something to play with, as if you are a child, living in the world where there is neither right nor wrong.


The 3 Dimensional touch goes through your hands. After studying the humanbody also in Sculpture, I can understand Volume so much more! I can hardly recommend to get your hands dirty and give birth to a new statue.