How it works

We are doing it Asian style: You need to haggle over the price, lets see if both parties are getting what they want. This project means to create Win-Win- Situations

  1. Choose a PAINTING
  2. Choose the SIZE ( everything is possible, the bigger, the more expensive)
  3. Choose the MATERIAL (almost everything is possible, canvas, paper, forex…)
  4. Or choose the ORIGINAL
  5. TEXT ME

What do you support by buying a painting?

You support upcoming Workshops for people who like to heal themself through art. You support the Culture, and future Projects with Schools to create for the Community. And you support every single Artist on the World, to be confident and able to belong to the society, that we are about to create!

AH, and also of course, you support your home, your friends and family with a new colorful, or funny Picture.

Send me your request

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