ENGL: Finally we have an Atelier ready for our Workshops in Küblis, Switzerland!!

Wuhrstrasse 2, Küblis, 2. Stock

In my workshops you enjoy art, simplify and create the way you want to create.

You will learn about:

  • Material: Oilcolor, Clay, Charcoal, Pencil, Paper and Canvas
  • Art History Brainstorm
  • Your own way to create, Which type of creator am I?
  • Techniques: To create what you see, to get in touch with the values, color and 3 Dimensional Sculptingworld
  • Specialities: Landscapes, and Figurative studies

The Sculpture Workshop: Sculpt your own Portrait or your individual Idea!

I will supervise and help you develope your tecnique and find usefull tools and knowledge about how to work with clay!

The Painting Workshop: We draw with charcoal and pencil and paint. You will get in touch with Oilcolor, learn all about how to work with it, and you will paint your own canvas painting!

May this be a landscape, a portrait or your own composition. I will give you tipps and tricks how to create your own amazing artpiece!